About Us

Pilates Sol doesn't just have instructors, we have teachers. Teachers with the depth of knowledge, experience, and compassion to do more than simply instruct. As a Pilates Sol client, your body and mind will gain a deeper understanding of Pilates that will positively and permanently affect your life. And you will benefit from our commitment to using only the best equipment in the industry. Click the link to read more about our teachers and studios.

About Us

Getting Started

All appointments at Pilates Sol are private, so getting started is easy. With two studios buzzing 7 days a week and a team of committed teachers, we work with you to find the most convenient time and location for your schedule. Call us at 412-592-2375 or email owner Marcie Callan directly at mcallan@pilatessol.com to get started, or click the link below for more information on our locations and prices.  

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Teacher Training

Pilates Sol Teacher Training program is for people who want to turn their passion for Pilates into a career. Led by Second Generation teacher Marcie Callan, Pilates Sol Teacher Training focuses on the why behind our method, not just the how, and provides our students with access to a mentor/apprentice model that is personal and customized to each student. We remain to this day Pittsburgh's most convenient and affordable Pilates certification program.

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