Pilates Teacher Training Program

Thank you for considering Pilates Sol teacher training. If you are thinking of turning your passion for Pilates into a profession, you'll like that our program is convenient, affordable, and comprehensive in scope. Read below for what makes our teacher training special.

In January 2012, our owner Marcie Callan was chosen by Lolita San Miguel, the internationally acclaimed first-generation Pilates Master Teacher & Elder, to train with her and become a 2nd generation instructor. Lolita, who is one of only two people to have ever been certified by Joseph Pilates himself, continues to be an incredible mentor and resource to Marcie.  Because of the relationship between Lolita and Marcie,  Marcie has been named a Second Generation Master Trainer.

All graduates of the Pilates Sol Teacher Training will have the distinction of being Third Generation instructors under Joseph Pilates. From Joe to Lolita to Marcie to YOU!

Marcie's first certification is through the renowned Core Dynamics program. Founded by the elite teacher Michele Larsson, protege of elder Eve Gentry, the Core Dynamics name is one of the most respected in the industry. Marcie remains the only teacher in the world to have been certified through both Lolita San Miguel and Michele Larsson.

Because of this, Apprentice Instructors are now interviewed and chosen selectively for Pilates Sol’s Teacher Training Program. Please email mcallan@pilatessol.com for more information or to set up an interview.

What makes us different

  1. Pilates Sol Teacher Training is an independent program rather than a corporate cookie cutter training. We designed our teacher training based on the old mentor/apprentice model so that each student gets individualized attention.
  2. Because we are independent, our program costs less.  Typical Pilates certifications can cost between $5,000-$6,000. Our comprehensive program costs $3,900, and our mat program costs $975.
  3. We’re committed to providing the best value for your tuition. We do not charge our students extra money to complete their observation and practice hours. Comprehensive students get 4 private lessons with Marcie included in their tuition. Even better, your one-time tuition allows you to attend the same training in the future, as many times as you would like.
  4. We refute the notion of “Our way or the highway.” Graduates of our program will learn Mr. Pilates’ method in the style of elders Lolita San Miguel, Eve Gentry, and Romana Kryzanowska, rather than just one tradition. We want you to be a well-rounded teacher, not just an instructor.

Program Requirements

Comprehensive Program:

Our comprehensive Pilates certification is taught in four levels over the course of four 3-day weekends, totaling 80 hours of in-studio class time.  Students must log 100 hours of personal practice, 100 hours of observation, and 120 apprentice teaching hours.

To be considered for the program, students must have practiced Pilates for at least 6 months prior to the program, and be familiar with the equipment. It is essential to have Pilates in your own body before you can effectively teach it to others.

To apply, begin by filling out and submitting this online application. Marcie will then arrange an interview with you.  If you are accepted into the program, reserve your space by mailing in a non-refundable deposit of $200 to Pilates Sol, 900 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222.

Feel free to call or email Marcie with questions. Even if you’re not ready for the upcoming certification, we’ll work with you to get you ready for a future program.

To receive the discounted tuition rate of $3,900, tuition is due in full before the first weekend.  Those on the payment plan will pay $1100 before each weekend.

Mat Program:

Our mat certification program is taught in four levels on the first day (Friday) of each teacher training weekend.  Requirements for graduation include attendance at all four trainings, 10 personal practice hours, 5 practice teaching hours, a written take home exam, and a practical exam.  Graduates will be eligible to teach the full Pilates mat repertoire at health clubs and studios.

To receive the discounted rate of $975, tuition plus your non-refundable deposit of $200 is due in full before the first training.  Those on a payment plan will pay $1200 plus the deposit over the course of 4 months.

Ready to get started? Click here to apply.



2017 Teacher Training Schedule

Fall 2017:

Level 1: September 15, 16, 17

Level 2: October 20, 21, 22

Level 3: November 18, 19

Level 4: Jan 12, 13, 14




Mat Certification: $975 paid in full; $1200 paid in installments

Comprehensive Certification: $3900 paid in full; $4400 paid in installments

$200 non-refundable registration and book fee

What you will learn


Mat Certification:

  • The anatomy of movement.
  • The history of Pilates.
  • How to analyze posture and what to do with that information.
  • The fundamentals of the method as espoused by first generation teachers Eve Gentry, Carola Trier, and Lolita San Miguel.
  • The entire mat repertoire.

Comprehensive Certification:

  • The anatomy of movement.
  • The history of Pilates.
  • How to analyze posture and what to do with that information.
  • The fundamentals of the method as espoused by first generation teachers Eve Gentry, Carola Trier, and Lolita San Miguel.
  • How to safely teach Pilates classes on the mat, reformer, cadillac, ladder barrel, spine corrector, chair, pedipull.
  • How to incorporate accessories such as thera-bands, magic circle, balls, and foam rollers.
  • The skills you’ll need to succeed in the industry, including how to manage a studio, the differences between the equipment manufacturers, working with challenging clients, and more.
  • How to work with special populations such as the elderly, athletes, and pregnant women.