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The Pilates Sol Story

At Pilates Sol, we have been sincerely caring about our clients' well-being for over 10 years, under the ownership of three amazing female leaders. Founded in early 2010 by Marcie Callan and Kristen Londono, the studio is now owned by Kim Stokes, who started as a Pilates Sol client. We are proud to be the first free-standing, private Pilates studio in downtown Pittsburgh, offering a boutique experience that caters to clients who prefer one-on-one instruction in a private setting. With our dedicated focus on our clients' needs and goals, Pilates Sol has built a loyal following of both students and teachers, who appreciate the friendly and welcoming environment we strive to create.

Kim Stokes

Intuitive Movement Coach

Kim's journey with Pilates began in early 2010 when she started training at Pilates Sol to increase her flexibility and tone. And boy, did it work! Not only did she tone up, but she fell in love with the Pilates method and became a certified instructor. Since then, Kim has added other certifications in yoga, meditation, and intuitive life coaching. She has many tools to help people and guide them to a healthier and happier life.

Kim's positive and laid-back personality, combined with her enthusiasm for Pilates, make her an exceptional instructor for clients of all levels. She has a keen ability to read her clients and tailor each session to their individual needs, ensuring they get the most out of their workout. Her intuition and life coaching skills also allow her to help clients work through personal challenges and achieve their goals beyond just physical fitness.


Before becoming the owner of Pilates Sol, Kim spent over 20 years in senior care and was pursuing a Master's degree in Healthcare Administration. She understands the stresses of a busy workday and believes in using Pilates as a form of therapy for the mind and body, allowing her clients to focus solely on themselves during their sessions. As a travel advisor, she also loves to help clients plan wellness-focused travel experiences to enhance their overall well-being.

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